Doing business with HRRC

Shepaug Lumber Distribution Facility, Operated by Shepaug Distribution Services, LLC.
30 Hawleyville Rd/Newtown, CT 06440
P.O. Box 186/Hawleyville, CT 06440
Phone: (203) 426-2979/Fax: (203) 364-1678
Car Spots:Seven car rail siding, docks for unloading box cars or cross-docking between box car and truck Commodities: Lumber, plywood, pulp board, brick and other building materials and forest products Services: A full range of distribution services including Truck to Rail Transfer, Storage, Trucking, Lumber Unit Saw, Bar Coding, Unit Lumber Splitting and Inventory Tracking Truck Access: 1/2 mile from I-84, 5 miles from I-684Close to major markets: 40 miles to New York City and Northern New Jersey Features:7 acres paved outside storage;additional unpaved storage;40,000 sq. ft. covered storage with smooth concrete floor Rail Service: Housatonic Railroad Switching Frequency: Monday through Friday with seven days available

We are local in Canaan, Connecticut. Someone is always available to respond to your needs.

  • Local service to your siding is customized; we have two crews during the day and one crew at night.
  • Rail economics for boxcars are generally superior to truck and intermodal, particularly for long distances, even considering inventory carrying costs.
  • Cars move fast on our railroad, both in the loaded and empty directions, which keeps our costs and your prices low.
  • We interchange with CSXT at Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
  • We are part of the national railroad system - the best rail system in the world and continually improving.
  • We are a short line railroad that has a north-south line from Pittsfield, MA to Danbury, CT and an east-west line from Beacon, NY to Derby, CT covering over 160 miles.
  • Our workforce is professional, experienced, and diversified.
  • We have a railroad-operated bulk distribution facility, a lumber distribution facility operated by an affiliated company, and a rail-served warehouse operated by a third party.
  • We have many sites available for industrial development totaling over 600 acres.
  • Our management is experienced and progressive, with access to capital.