The Storage Answer containers are easy to build and move, so they can be moved around a job site, or from one site to another without hassle. They also can be moved with a small truck or on a trailer, and when packed up are only 12" high.


Because The Storage Answer containers are easy to move, and typically weigh less than ⅓ of a shipping container, they are much more practical. They can be easily moved without elaborate equipment, which saves money and time. They provide a stress free storage answer no matter what your situation may be, due to the flexibility of being able to move them or break them down easily at any time.

Built to Last

The Storage Answer containers have been engineered with proper ventilation to prevent condensation and dampness. They are made with 20 gauge galvanized steel that resists rusting, and feature OSB strand board flooring that is treated to resist moisture and insects. The built- in gutter system further assures the longevity of your investment.

Our System

Housatonic Railroad is a freight railroad that connects to the national rail system through CSX Transportation at Pittsfield, MA. Our inbound cars are last classified at CSXT’s Selkirk, NY classification yard and are transported by a road train to Pittsfield seven days a week. The outbound cars are picked up by the returning CSX road train from West Springfield, Massachusetts to Selkirk.
Housatonic's freight lines consist of the Berkshire Line and the Maybrook Line. The Berkshire Line (also referred to as the Berkshire Hills Route) runs from Pittsfield, Massachusetts south to Berkshire Junction in Danbury, Connecticut and west to Beacon, New York. [See System Map]

The Specifics

Housatonic freight operations on the Berkshire Line in Massachusetts began in 1991 after the line segment from Pittsfield, Mass. to Canaan, Conn. was purchased by Housatonic from the Boston & Maine Railroad. The line was recently extended by the purchase of a small line segment from Pittsfield to Coltsville from CSXT.
Housatonic operates approximately 38 miles in Massachusetts and serves two paper companies, a limestone quarry, a manufacturer of plastic sheeting, a distribution center, a public warehouse, a lumber shipper, a concrete manufacturer and a fertilizer receiver, the last three by using a public team track.
The Berkshire Line passes through the Massachusetts communities of Pittsfield, Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge, Housatonic, Great Barrington and Sheffield. There are rail-served sites in Massachusetts available for industrial development.
After crossing the Mass./Conn. state line at Canaan, the Berkshire Line continues south through the communities of Canaan, Falls Village, Cornwall, Kent, New Milford, Brookfield, and Danbury. In that area, Housatonic serves a paper mill, a limestone quarry, a plastics manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company, and two food manufacturers.
Rail-served sites along the line are available for industrial development.
The Connecticut portion of the Maybrook Line extends from the New York State Line at Danbury east through the communities of Danbury, Hawleyville, Newtown, Botsford, Monroe, Shelton, and Derby. The New York portion extends west from Danbury through the communities of Brewster, Fishkill, East Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, and Beacon.
The railroad-owned lumber distribution center and the bulk transfer facility are situated in Hawleyville. Other customers on the Maybrook Line include three lumber companies, a waste diposal firm, a corrugated manufacturer, a printing company, a polyester products firm, and a variety of small manufacturing firms.